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Friday, June 25, 2010

Vijay Iyer brings a new jazz to Montreal

Vijay Iyer brings a new jazz to Montreal

On the cover of Vijay Iyer's critically acclaimed 2009 trio album Historicity is a photo of a huge orange blob being uncomfortably contained within two wooden walls. The sculpture depicted is a study for Anish Kapoor's Memory and the contradicting ideas of breaking out and being contained provide a nice parallel to the music on the album -music that bursts out of the structures built to contain it. More...
Vijay Iyer's music does not move me. I find it to be cold and distant, lacking the essential jazz components of swing and groove. Maybe I am becoming a moldy fig but I don't think so. I have listened to "Historicity" often enough in an attempt to get a feel for his style but there are to many other pianists who I would rather spend my valuable time listening to. Life is to short.

John h. Armwood

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