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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ornette Coleman Concert :: : The Number One Jazz News Resource On The Net :: Jazz News Daily

Ornette Coleman Concert :: : The Number One Jazz News Resource On The Net :: Jazz News Daily Ornette Coleman Concert
Posted by: paul@abcservices.caon Sunday, October 30, 2005 - 01:22 PM
Jazz Commentary Ornette Coleman - Toronto - Massey Hall
Oct. 29, 2005

Exceptional concert at Massey Hall last night. Ornette at 75 sounds like Ornette at 25. The same energy and intensity with innovations still flowing. Ornette was accompanied by bassist Tony Falanga, bassist Greg Cohen and drummer Denardo Coleman. These incredibly talented sidemen added so much to the concert. For just over 2 hours non-stop we were treated to the shape of Jazz to come by a pioneer in free jazz. Tony Falanga’s, classical take on jazz using a bow and producing sounds that resembled an additional horn section was the perfect accompanist to Ornette, while bassist Cohen played a fast driving rhythm along with Denardo Coleman who maintained the beat at quadruple time.
Ornette also treated us to some trumpet playing as well as a violin solo, shades of Jean Luc Ponty. It was great to see the Toronto crowd give a standing ovation at the beginning of the concert as well as two standing ovations at the finale. I do not know how many concerts Ornette Coleman quartet is performing, but if you get the chance, do not miss this concert, you will be blown away.


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  4. Hi John - nice piece on Ornette. I saw him a while back in London for the first time although I'd been listening to his music for many years and he blew me - and the audience - away. That two bass hit over Denardo's drums (who was also a revelation) - brilliant!

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