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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Herbie Hancock hits 70 on a high note -

Herbie Hancock hits 70 on a high note -


"The jazz pianist's yearlong celebration includes a new CD, a world tour and a Hollywood Bowl birthday party.
By Reed Johnson, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
July 18, 2010
When journalists ask Herbie Hancock which musicians he listens to, he thinks that they're expecting him to say Oscar Peterson and Chick Corea -- that is, virtuoso jazz pianists like himself.
'I do listen to those musicians,' Hancock said recently, savoring some morning downtime in his Westside home's tranquil garden filled with African sculptures and sashaying felines. 'But there's more than that. Actually, what I try to listen to is life.'
Life must be sounding pretty good to Hancock these days, and not only because as a practicing Buddhist for 38 years he cultivates personal equanimity like a well-tended flower bed.
On April 12, Hancock turned 70, a passage that's prompting splashy official and semi-official musical tributes across the continent. And although he looks easily a decade younger, he's embracing the occasion." More...

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