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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Epoch Times | Jazz Trumpeter Promotes New CD at J&R Music

The Epoch Times | Jazz Trumpeter Promotes New CD at J&R MusicJazz Trumpeter Promotes New CD at J&R Music
By Maiysha Campbell
The Epoch Times
Jul 21, 2005

Jazz trumpeter Sean Jones plays at J&R Music in Manhattan on July 19. Part of his jazz quintet, Tia Fuller plays the saxophone with Jones. (Maiysha Campbell/The Epoch Times)

NEW YORK - At J&R Music, jazz trumpeter Sean Jones, did us the honor of playing a five-song set with his jazz quintet on a sweltering Tuesday afternoon, promoting his new album Gemini. This up and coming musician has already received accolades from such notables as Wynton Marsalis, who recently chose Jones as lead trumpet for the esteemed Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.

At only 27 years old, Jones has exceptional musical maturity and grace. Jones enjoyed his break from the orchestra and played pieces that told a story, had a conversation, answered back, and waited for you to respond. Jones played us the good stuff. The band seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the crowd. The audience joined in with thigh tapping and stolen dances in the back.

Jones’ major influences are Miles Davis and Wynton Marsalis. He was first inspired by jazz in the fifth grade when his teacher gave him a jazz CD. After hearing Miles Davis at an early age he said to himself, “This is where it’s at!” Jones credits the many teachers and musicians he has had over the years. In particular he credits the tutelage of William “Prof.” Fielder, professor of Trumpet and Jazz Studies at Rutgers University, where he studied.

After playing a one-hour set, the crowd clambered to the shelves to get a copy of Jones’ new CD Gemini and complained about the closed registers. Jones autographed CD’s for a line of smiling fans- the biggest smile on Jones himself.

I picked up a copy of the CD for myself. The thirteen-track album will not let down jazz lovers. With a variety of moods, the songs gracefully marinate together for easy listening or for head-on deep listening- whichever you desire. It is the audience after all that Jones is most interested in.

When asked, “what do you play for?” Jones responded, “I just want everyone to feel love. I’m not one of those [artists] who try to educate their audience and put themselves above their audience- I want the audience to feel good.”

You can catch the Sean Jones Quintet July 22 and 23 at Cecil’s Jazz Club in West Orange, New Jersey and July 29 and 30 at Zanzibar Blue in Philadelphia. Complete performance dates for the Sean Jones Quintet as well as his performance and tour dates with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra are available online at

Sean Jones’ quintet consisted of Orrin Evans on piano, Kenny Davis on bass, Jerome Jennings on drums, and Tia Fuller on saxophone and flute.

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