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Monday, September 27, 2004

Hightplayer: The Jazz Ladies, cont'd

nightplayer: The Jazz Ladies, cont'd: "

The Jazz Ladies, cont'd
Sarah Vaughan

1924-1990, lung cancer

Possibly the greatest technical singer of jazz... ever. She possessed perfect pitch, and was a master of timbre and tonal changes, singing as if her voice was just another instrument in a band. Started in her church's choir at a very young age, and was accompanying on their organ by age 12. She got her break at the Apollo Theater in 1942, where she was picked up by Earl Fatha Hines and his big band, thanks to then band member Bill Eckstine. She followed Eckstine when he formed his own band, then spent the rest of her life singing solo and recording almost every jazz standard in existence with countless collaborations with every kind of jazz musician and ensemble. She enjoyed decades of popularity for her various recordings of popular songs, and won a Grammy despite her failing health in 1982 for a recording of Gershwin tunes."

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