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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marsalis, Chucho and Omara together in a CD | Cuba News Headlines. Cuban Daily News

WASHINGTON - JUNE 15:  Jazz musician Wynton Ma...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeMarsalis, Chucho and Omara together in a CD | Cuba News Headlines. Cuban Daily News
Cuban singer Omara Portuondo and pianist Chucho Valdes invited US jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis to record on the single, Esta tarde vi llover, for Omara's upcoming album. The famous jazz musician together with the Lincoln Center Orchestra played in Havana a series of concerts.
During a press conference on Monday in Havana, Valdes said that Esta tarde vi llover is a ballad with a rich harmony perfectly suitable for Marsalis. "I really don't have words to describe what happened yesterday in the studio... it was an example of the language of music brought to its highest expression in lyricism and feeling", said Valdes.
The Cuban virtuoso pianist described Marsalis' work on the single as magical. "Marsalis played the chorus on the test recording, and it was impossible to go back and rerecord it. We really had a magical afternoon and all three of us felt really good about it".
Marsalis told the press that it was "an honor" to be in Cuba, and talked about how much Cuban music has influenced his career, mentioning influences such as Tata Güines and Chucho Valdés.
Wynton Marsalis has been the artistic director of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra since its foundation 23 years ago. The prestigious orchestra's objective is to advance jazz music. During their time in Cuba, the orchestra played and exchange with Cuban musicians and students between its concerts.
By Yelanys Hernández Fusté

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