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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Eddie Henderson & Tony Adamo Record Milestones :: : The Number One Jazz News Resource On The Net :: Jazz News Daily

Eddie Henderson & Tony Adamo Record Milestones :: : The Number One Jazz News Resource On The Net :: Jazz News Daily: Eddie Henderson & Tony Adamo Record Milestones
Posted by: Anonymouson Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 07:29 AM
Recording Musician For Immediate Release
Eddie Henderson & Tony Adamo Record Milestones
Roc Armani – UrbanZone Productions

The much traveled Eddie Henderson recently swung into San Francisco with the Mingus Big Band. It happened that Eddie had an open date when the Mingus Big Band took a break from the road, while preparing for their Herbst Theater gig. Bay Area soul jazz singer/songwriter, Tony Adamo and his producer, Jerry Stucker had been on the one for over a year in trying to nail Henderson to a recording date. It was a long year of waiting and talking to many top flight jazz trumpet artists, but Eddie was the one destined to play on “Milestones,” written in 1958 by Eddie’s friend and mentor, Miles Davis. Eddie’s performance was an impeccable tour de force from a man who’s as comfortable with his horn and he is with himself. Eddie’s horn style is often imitated but never duplicated.

Producer, Jerry Stucker asked Eddie to play one chorus only, but amazingly he proceeded to give a clinic on jazz trumpet virtuosity presenting five different takes. All of them were in the groove and completely uniquely brilliant. Eddie would have stayed there all day and night playing as many takes as he had in his jazz bag.

While still in the studio that day, producer Jerry Stucker played “Passport,” a song written by Adamo/Stucker. Eddie heard it and was hooked. He laid down incredible riffs over the top on this funk to the bone tune. “Passport” is not as edgy as Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, but songwriters Adamo and Stucker have developed a smooth funk groove that’s irresistible. Legendary funk drummer, Mike Clark (Headhunters) had already recorded the drum tracks on “Passport.” Paul Jackson’s (Headhunters) unmistakable and influential bass playing will be added at a later date.

Eddie Henderson will continue to tour with the Mingus Big Band. Paul Jackson’s, new CD, FUNK ON A STICK (Backdoor Records) is being distributed through and can be bought now at For more info on Paul Jackson go to Watch for Adamo’s new CD to be released in August 2005. For more info on Adamo go to

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